Noh Lock, Shock and Barrel Mask- sticker pack

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These 3 little monsters are inspired by Lock, Shock and Barrel from the Tim Burton film The Nightmare Before Christmas. Here they have been reimagined in the 1400s. Answering the question, what of they where in a Japanese Noh Theatre play centuries ago.

This sticker pack includes:

3 stickers measuring approximately 3" each.



This piece is meant to bring a focus onto the beauty and magic of the Japanese culture over the centuries and their contribution to the arts. Drawn with some RoosterPOP flair, this piece respectfully follows the essence of the art of its time with some modern twists. 


What is Noh Theatre?

Noh Theatre is a form of Japanese drama performed in masks carved of wood and costumes. Noh performances are traditionally all day and feature a play from each of the five categories; God, Warrior, Woman, Deranged, and Demon.

These stickers are perfect for sticking on your laptop, skateboard, sleeping friends forehead, cellphone, coffee table or jetpack. Stick it where the sun don't shine and where it does as well.

Designed By Illustrator Josie DeVora better known as Roosterpop.

These sticker designs are hand drawn, digitally scanned and colored, uv/waterproof, laminated and cut by me.


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