LydiaPOP Keychain

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"BeetlePOP BeetlePOP BeetlePOP!" Designed in an ice cream character Popsicle style. I am sure you remember being a kid and getting the character Popsicles from the ice cream truck.  Always having your expectation of what it should look like challenged by the reality. Almost like a 90's version of the "How it started, How it's going" meme. It has 2 images printed on it. The nice side that looks like the image on the packaging and the melted monster side. The monster side also has a nice epoxy glitter effect added to it for extra protection and a hint of cuteness. 

It measures approximatly 3"x 2" hanging on a metal short chain and star shaped clip. 

Comes in custom hand made packaging with fun text to round off the experience of opening up a real character POPsicle.


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Designed and illustrated by Josie Devora.

Inspired by the Tim Burton film Beetlejuice.